Facebook Marketing

Facebook Page Set-up

It’s crucial to have your page set up properly in order for your clients to find your business on Facebook. If you have ever made a page on Facebook you will know there is a lot to be done before it can be seen by your clients. As this is the face of your business we design high quality artwork at the correct resolution for a professional and credible look.


Facebook Advertising – Groups & Pages

You have a million and one things to do on any given day and posting on Facebook groups proves to be a time consuming and rather daunting task that MUST be performed. We will handle this for you, by us doing the posting to the groups and pages we reach your targeted audience and free up some time for you to focus on your business.

Facebook Page Updates

It’s a great idea to share your completed work or projects on your page. It’s an even better idea to watermark your pictures with your logo. This way, no matter where those pictures are seen it will always promote your business. Send the pictures through to us and we will watermark and upload it for you, both on your page and ours for that extra exposure.


Facebook Advertising – Boosting Posts

An extremely helpful tool made available by Facebook so that we can pay to have adverts seen by an audience of our choice. It is however very easy to throw away a lot of money this way if you don’t have your audience settings just right. As this is what we’re good at, you give us the budget and we do all the necessary to ensure effective results.

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