Website Builder

Build your own site using the simple and easy to use drag and drop website builder, or reqeust that we build it for you.

Domain Registration

Use the domain registration search to check and make sure that your perfect domain name is available for registration.

Email Hosting

Keep it professional and get your company email address going. For example:

Marketing Videos

These videos are a great way to reach your clients as 64% of customers are more likely to engage with videos.

Reseller Hosting

This is perfect for an additional income or to start your first business. We’ll help you every step of the way.


We do all we can to lower the unemployment rate. If you have a PC & internet, and are keen to work, let us know.

Request a service

The only reason why we’ve managed to grow so immensly over such a short amount of time is because we listen to your needs and requirements. By letting us know what you need and think we should offer, we can continue to grow.

Some Additional Services


Shopify Setup

Want to sell your procucts online? We’ll properly setup your store with a domain and no 3rd party advertising. Don’t have products? We’ll show you how dropshipping works, products go straight from the supplier to the door of your customer after they’ve paid you. No need to keep stock. Ask us more via Live Chat.

Free Support

It has happened numerous times. A clients printer goes down or their internet isn’t connecting, things that we have nothing to do with. Yet we always assist if we’re able because who else are you going to ask 9 o’clock at night? We love random acts of kindness, so we try to help if possible. Ask us more via Live Chat.

Facebook Setup

We’ll setup your Facebook page with high quality images or perhaps even a video and will make sure that the page fits the needs of your business. It may seem simple but there are a few contributing factors that determine the successful integration and use of a Facebook Business Page. Ask us more via Live Chat.