Accessing Website Builder & Choosing Themes

So you’ve signed up and are ready to sink your teeth into your website and get your business online. Well, let me show you how to access your website builder and where to get started.

First of all, you will need to log into your Website Control Panel (also known as your website cPanel) and that’s very easy to do. As a website client you would have received an email providing you with login details, your Username and Password. Have this ready as you’re going to use it to log into your Website Control Panel (cPanel).


Once you’re logged in you will be met with your Website Control Panel (cPanel) which looks like the picture displayed below and if you’re wondering how to customize your Website Control Panel (cPanel) to suit your needs and have everything ready for you every time you log in, you can read my article on Customizing Your Website Control Panel (cPanel).


On this screen you will want to open or look for the Software tab and from all the icons in the Software tab you’re going to click on the very first one named “SitePad Website Builder”.


Once you’ve clicked on it, you will be redirected out of your Website Control Panel (cPanel) and in a new tab, the Website Builder will open. Your screen will look like the below image.


Now for the really fun part, looking for a theme. But before we move along, note that in the top right of the image above is an “Assistant”. If you click on Get Started, it will on the same screen, just point to where certain things are. Such as the Themes, Pages, Blog and Sites. If you want to disable it, simply click on the the little cross in the top right corner of the dialog box/”Assistant”. Should you want to enable it again, click on the “Welcome” button in the top right corner and click on “Enable Assistant”.

Back to the fun stuff, themes. Also, if you’re reading this and thinking, this guy jumps around a lot and doesn’t complete his thoughts. Well you’re 100% correct because as I’m explaining things I notice something that might help you out as we’re going along and to prevent me from forgetting about telling you that specific detail that will make your experience easier and less frustrating, I will include it in as fittingly as possible while trying to keep it an easy read. Now, back to the themes, for real.


To get to the Themes Page, click on “Themes” in the panel on the left hand side of your screen and this will reveal all the themes. Which at the time of this article is 329 themes, impressive. To make your search easier, you can either search a keyword and it will display the themes related to that word or you can filter it by industry through clicking on the more button on the right hand side of the screen. A drop down will appear and you can now choose your industry and filter the themes accordingly.


To help you make up your mind you can view a fully functioning website demo of any theme. Simply hover above a listed theme and like in the picture above a button called “Theme Details” will appear. Click on “Theme Details’ and you’ll be taken to the below screen.


To view the theme, simply click on the blue demo button as circled in the picture above. The demo website will now reveal the theme in a new tab and you can scroll through the pages to get a feel for the site in order to determine whether or not the particular theme suits you and/or your business. To close the demo site and return to the previous page you just have to close the tab. If you closed it you should be back on the screen displayed above. To get out of this screen and return to the themes list, simply click on the cross to the top-right from the “Demo” button. If you liked the theme and want to use it, simply click on the green activate button to the immediate left of the blue Demo button.

I hope this blog helped you out and answered any questions you had. A follow up blog is coming soon explaining how to get your site ready, picking up from here through to a public ready site.