How To Setup A Google AdWords Account

Google AdWords is an online advertising service. It can help you with growing your business, for your business to be found in more searches and it brings your website a lot more traffic as well.The following steps will help you set up your Google AdWords Account quick and easy.



Step 1: Sign up for Google AdWords
First thing you do is go to the Google AdWords homepage. You will need a Google username to use Google AdWords or if you choose to create a new Google username for the AdWords service, you can do so by clicking on the start now button below. Then you end up on the Create Google Account page where you can choose the username and password you would like to use.

Step 2: Verify your account


If you decided to use your existing Google account, your Gmail account, to create an AdWords account during step one, then you do not need to follow the following step. If you created a new Google account for AdWords then you have to verify your account. After that you will be able to sign in using your username and password.



Step 3: Set up your first campaign


When you are signed into Google AdWords, the system will ask of you to create your first campaign. You can choose your campaign settings as we are going to show you now:
·         Name for your new campaign – Choose a name for your campaign.
·         Audience language – Choose a language you prefer.
·         Location – Select the locations where you want your ad to appear.
·         Network settings – Select where you want your ad to appear. You can choose the option devices or use the default setting.
·         Budget options, etc. – Enter the amount you are willing to spend every day. This will determine how many times your ad can be shown each day.
·         Bid – Enter the most you are willing to pay for your ad.
·         Keywords – Type in search term keywords that will activate your ad.
·         Text – Enter the text of your ad.
After that you need to provide basic information to create your campaign and then click the save and continue button at the bottom of the page when you are done.



Step 4: Set your billing preference and time zone information


·         Choose the country where your billing address is located from the drop down. The other fields will automatically update.
·         Choose your account type, business o individual. Continue to select radio buttons and fill in the information in fields.
·         Type in your billing information or use a promotional code.
·         You also set the time zone information. Know that the time zone and currency settings can not be changed after you have set up your account.
·         Click the save and continue button when you are finished.
There is a one time account activation fee. Account activation fees and payment options differs according to the currency you use and the location of your billing address.