Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips

Going over the top 10 Twitter marketing tips will make you more confident in your posts and advertisements. Twitter can make it easier for you to connect with you audience and helps you reach your target goal at the end of the day.
1.    Define your target market
Know who your target audience is for your business. Target people who are interested in the stuff you do in your business.
2.    Share influential tweeps
To share other blogger’s content can help you gain their attention. Let them know that you have tweeted their post or content by inserting your Twitter name. Sharing counts as part of a connection that gets noticed. In the future you may find that they will help you out if you ask for a retweet of your link or post.
3.    Tweet inspiring content
Share great content on the social web like YouTube videos, blogs and slideshows with your followers. This includes the posts of other inspiring bloggers in your topic section as you come across them in your Google Reader.
4.    Be helpful
It takes time to effectively market on Twitter. It takes more than just selling or pushing your message as well. It is helpful to keep your product or services at top of mind and to engage and interact with your followers in a consistent way. Not everyone needs your offering. Provide information and solutions that make them want to read more, so when they need what you have, they know you are there for them.
5.    Experience and inspire
Tweet regularly because it makes an impression of an active profile. Be consistent and tweet on a timely basis to be about your posts to keep up with your followers and listeners. 
6.    Hashtag your content
Avoid using more than two or three hashtags per tweet. Twitter automatically hyperlinks the hashtags, and enables you to click and find all the content where that hashtag was mentioned. To find potential customers who may be interested in your product, services or business, it is a fast and convenient way.
7.    Share images and videos
Images make us remember better, helps s learn, it grabs the viewers attention and explain complex concepts. Tweets that have images, videos, gifs and links get retweeted more than those with just text.
8.    Integrate twitter into your website
Practice integrating your twitter account into your website or blog. To do this you can embed tweets or use the twitter share and click to tweet button.
9.    Write a professional bio
Your bio in very important for gaining followers. Show that you are an expert in your field. Say what you do instead of what you are. Think about what is in it for them if they follow you. Show what someone can expect or gain from following or adding you. Be fun and creative. Recheck your bio every once in a while and change it up if you think it is necessary, especially if you are using any words that could go out of style. Your bio should evolve as individuals and professionals just as we are.
10.    Shorten your links
Reduce your statuses down to under 140 words, especially if you are used to writing long posts and included links. Short links are a great way to cut down on words.