Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips

Today we will be going over the top 10 Facebook marketing tips. This will help increase your presence and conversions on Facebook. Facebook marketing helps you reach all of the people that matters to you the most and brings in more potential clients.
1.    Ask questions to boost engagement
Facebook works better when you use it for two way conversations and not a one way message to your fans. To do this best, use questions in your posts. Ask your friends and followers for their thoughts, opinions and ideas. Be sure to respond on their feedback.
2.    Post image quotes
Image quotes are very easy to create using a few free tools, and are good for getting like, comments and shares. Cover a funny, inspirational of motivational quote on a striking background, and then share it on your page.
3.    Offer exclusive deals and promotions
Many people like to get coupons or discounts. Cover graphics with upgrading content or coupon codes, and share it on your page.
4.    Be committed and be consistent
Be consistent. Post your content regularly and reply to comments and questions with little or no delay. This is an easier way to build relationships with your friends and followers.
5.    Choose your perfect profile picture
First impressions always count. Your profile picture represents the first image potential friends and followers will likely see, when they interact with you through search or comments, your image is an important part of your Facebook strategy. Try to keep your profile pictures simple. Putting a big image into such a small space doesn’t exactly work.
6.    Respond quicker
To stand out among your competitors means providing the best customer care. People do have high expectations when it comes to responding to their questions, concerns or queries. Make sure you do not take more than 4 hours to respond.
7.    Target the leads you already have on facebook
You can upload a list of emails right into Facebook and then show your ads to that audience. You can target the leads you have captured from your comments, newsletter sign ups or other leads, or perhaps a group of your own.
8.    Post videos
Facebook users watch over millions of video every day. If you’re going to invest in any one type of content this year, invest in video. Remember that 85% of Facebook users will end up watching videos with no sound and 80% of facebook users are annoyed when the videos auto-play with sound, so be sure that you’re setting up your videos correctly when you uploading. Do facebook live if you are not in to posting videos. It is the live video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast videos from a mobile device.
9.    Promote your page outside of facebook
If you want to improve marketing on your facebook page, you need to find ways to bring traffic to it. Think about your users who don’t even know that you have a facebook page. Include a link to your facebook page and other social media accounts on your website.
10.    Conclusion
The key to success is to focus on a combination of organic reach and paid ads. The most important things to remember about posting or uploading on facebook is that you need to optimize. Optimize your facebook business page, your photos, your links, your videos, everything. Don’t just post for the sake of posting. Make sure that the content that you give on facebook matters, and you will see results.