Top 10 Instagram Marketing Tips

We are going to go through some Instagram marketing tips to help improve the marketing of your business and market or advertise your products better.
1.    Interact with followers to grow quicker
Take a few moments to reply to a comment someone left on one of your posts and thank them. That action can help you create a loyal customer as well as a good promoter of your brand. Tag some of your friends who would love it to put your brand in a larger audience and attract new followers. People are then being introduced to your Instagram profile, resulting in tagged users following your profile.
2.    Use creativity to get with your followers
Be creative with your images, it is a great way to connect with your followers. It is much better than posts that look like advertisements.
3.    Don’t overwhelm your followers
You want your brand to stay relevant, post often enough. At the same time don’t post too much, it may be that you will end up overwhelming your followers. They will feel that you are in their face the whole time and then they unfollow your account. You need to see how your followers reacts when you post at a certain time etc. Maybe post twice daily, different times of the day to figure out when your highest peak occurs. After your followers increase start with posting a bit more per day and see how it goes. Pay close attention.
4.    Use Instagram stories
You get endless benefits from Instagram stories for brands. Users look daily at the stories that are displayed at the top of follower timelines. Instagram makes it easy to use different types of content in stories, like photos, live videos, rewind videos, short videos, or boomerangs. You can tag other accounts in stories. Face filters, stickers and texts make it easy and fun to edit images to make catching videos.
5.    Look to your competitors
A good inspiration for your Instagram posts can be your competitors. Try to see what they are doing, what their Instagram activity is like daily and how they do their posts. Posting an image will not really always mean anything until you explain how it relates to your product and services. Include a caption with your images that shows the right message you are trying to give to your followers.
6.    Ask yourself if you would be interested in your feed
Put in some more work to get the best out of Instagram because what you put in is what you will get out. If you want to grow in a follower-ship that will become your customers, then you need to make more posts that gives your business some more credibility. Post pictures of your business and products to present it in a way that shows the quality and worth. You have to put thought and creativity in your feed. Think like a potential customer as if your Instagram page is your business office. Think about what makes your page interesting
7.    Post product photos
Instagram marketing consist of product photos and should not be taken lightly. Great photography and a catching caption can help you find success. In the caption you use try highlighting the product’s selling points, name their price and tell people where and from who they can get it.
8.    Show your product in action
Show your followers your products in action. It makes it easier for your followers to relate  to the photo if you show them someone using your product. It makes your followers feel more confident in wanting to purchase that product as well. It also shows people the different ways your product can be used.
9.    Comment on local/relevant photos
You can drive some traffic to your Instagram page by commenting on other posts from local or product related accounts. This can help with connecting with any customer and give brand awareness. Leave meaningful comments, it will help you build relationships with other brands.
10.    Respond to comments
Responding to every comment you get is a great way to build relationships with customers. It makes your brand more personal and you connect more with your targeted audience or followers which can make a difference in making a sale.