What we do…

Modern Design

Our web design is up to par with the latest standards. Ensuring that your targeted audience will be comfortable using your website and confident in your services because of your professional appearance.


Easy To Use

The website layouts we develop for you are to ensure easy to use functionality but also practicality that makes sense to your visitors and your industry. This varies on the type of website your business requires. Portfolio, Bookings, Sales, etc.

What’s Website Hosting?

Quite simply put, this is the online storage for your website information and files. We have a fast and secure server where your website files are stored, making us a host as we’re hosting your website on our server.


Why Isn’t Website Hosting Free?

Servers are expensive to run and maintain. A way to think of this is your website is a family renting an apartment in an apartment building. For that “apartment” (Storage Space), you contribute to ensure the upkeep of the “building” (Server) and the stability of the “water and lights” (Internet & Power).


Our Promise

Our up-time is 99.9%. The key here is redundancy, so, should one system fail we have a plan B, C, D and E therefor.

Gmail Is a No No

If you’d like to make the right impression when approaching new clients, doing so with a Gmail account will negatively impact your results by a drastic margin. What you need is a you@yourbusiness email account and we have a variety of options available for you to get just that, a real business email account. The difference is night and day when approaching new clients.


How Does This Work?

It’s just like any email account you’ve ever had, except it’s a professional one. We’ll even install it for you via TeamViewer so you can get straight to work with an all new impressionable appearance.


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What our clients are saying…

“Brilliant service! My website was created quickly and professionally. Zen Marketing has gone above and beyond to assist me and my new business. Thank you Chris. Highly recommended.”

~Epic Opportunities

“Zen Marketing is the definition of how 21st century businesses should look like . We built a good friendship while doing the great and professional job together with Chris! My company website is more than my expectations all my friends like it.”


“Thank you to Chris for the professional service and outstanding website that he has done for my business. I highly recommend Zen Marketing to everybody. 10 out of 10 for service excellence.”

~SGM Studio